SimpliSafe Home Security Systems
Whole Home Protection

Protection for every window, room and door. Against intruders, fires, water damage, medical emergencies & more. All monitored 24/7 by professionals ready to dispatch police.

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Why choose us


  • Monitored by professionals
  • 5-year contracts at $50-$60/mo
  • Hardwired, needs landline
  • Hardwired, needs landline


  • Professional Monitoring
  • Police Alerted, Guaranteed
  • No Contracts
  • 50 cents a day
  • Protects every door, room, window
  • Protects against intruders, fires, water damage and more
  • Sets up in minutes


  • No professionals to alert police
  • No monthly fee or contract
  • Only protects front door/one room

Have the best Home Security System Package.

Choose from our page or Customize your own Home Security System Package that will fit your home.

The Hearth

All the protection of the Essentials, plus smoke detection. Not to mention a 105dB extra siren. It’s about as loud as front row at Zeppelin in ’72. Intruders, start running.

no contracts

24/7 alarm monitoring

no phoneline needed

Simplisafe Hearth Package

The Essentials

Our most popular system. For good reason. It’s got a motion sensor to catch anyone walking through a main passage, plus entry sensors to cover all your main entry points.

no contracts

24/7 alarm monitoring

no phoneline needed

Simplisafe Essentials Package

The Foundation

We designed this kit for small homes and apartments. It’s got an entry sensor to cover your main door, plus a motion sensor for an extra layer of protection.

no contracts

24/7 alarm monitoring

no phoneline needed

Simplisafe Foundation Package

Always Have the Best Technology

How SimpliSafe compares to the competition

You get industry-leading security that charges less than half of what most companies do. Plus, the freedom and control to monitor your home, right from your smartphone.

24/7 professional monitoring
3.5x faster police dispatch*
No contracts
No hardwiring
Sets up in minutes
Fire emergency response
Protects through power and Wi-Fi outages

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